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The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 4 - The Gathering Storm

It’s Slave I! It’s the Firespray! It's a Trandoshan's arm! It’s the Modified Kuat System Engineering Firespray-Class Patrol & Attack Ship! In today’s episode we rank The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 4 - The Gathering Storm. What’s actually being gathered? Should Black Krrsantan just commit to ripping off both arms in the future? Tune in to hear us argue about the Slave I name change, and to understand why the Star Wars ranking team puts this near the top (thus far). Cue Thundercat’s sick bass beats.

“This was the one that we’ve all been waiting for.” - Christian

We’re finally connecting the dots in this episode, and the pacing of the show is thankfully picking up. We’ve been talking a lot about the show’s pacing with the flashbacks and present-day Boba Fett. Thus far, we’ve been impatient with the flashbacks, but Chapter 4 reveals something quite enjoyable: action! Not only that, but we’re confirming the origins of the alliance between Fennec Shand and Boba Fett. This really was her episode (and a little bit of Black Krssantan’s), and we loved it. Her getting saved by the Mod Artist’s skill at the whacky, tattoo-parlor-vibing mod shop and waking up in the desert to her biomechanical upgrade with Boba Fett staring at her really felt similar to the beginning of Tony Stark’s waking up to his arc reactor from the first Iron Man movie. Great characters have great mods.

“The more Boba Fett goes on, the more I want to see Fennec Shand on screen.” - Brody

Getting back to pacing, this episode serves as a good bridge between the show’s slow beginning and the gathering storm ahead. The slower pacing has helped us appreciate Tatooine more. We thought we didn’t want to see any more flashbacks of the desert planet, but boy were we wrong. There are three moons! This chapter feels faster only because of the slower episodes that preceded it. The Mod Artist’s shop was fresh and funky; it helped justify the punk biker gang from the previous episode. For a guy with the title Mod Artist (played by Thundercat), he’s acting a lot like a surgeon by saving Fennec Shand’s life. Does the Mod Artist have experience saving lives or more with just simple mods? It’s cool thinking about what cybermods we’d all have in this world if we could easily choose to do so.

“The music enhances the story.” - Christian

Like the mod shop, the music of this episode contributes to the overall story. Yes, it was different and dynamic, but it ushers in this class of rebels (biker gang) that have joined Boba Fett’s team, placing a better context for them to join. We also hear The Mandalorian theme at the end which of course suggests either Din Djarin, the covert Mandalorian tribe, Bo Katan, or all of them assembling! We’re excited for what’s to come simply because of the music.

“Max Reebo was throwing down at the club again.” - Amanda

This episode was definitely a fanservice episode. It gave us a lot of enjoyable easter eggs like the LEP droid, the chef droids, the tie-in to the Gunslinger episode of The Mandalorian, and most importantly the Firespray! Or can we call it Slave I? Yes, it’s finally here: the debate of the season (perhaps). Charley expresses the sentiment that a lot of Star Wars fans share. He doesn’t like the name change. However, Disney changing the name of this iconic ship in order to stick with the political climate is nothing unexpected. At the end of the day, it’s just a name so calling it the Firespray isn’t a complete obliteration of the past. It is and always has been a Firespray-Class Patrol & Attack Ship. At least they're calling a spade a spade. Though it certainly could have been handled better. It was a missed opportunity for further explanation as to why we’re not hearing the name Slave I anymore. Fennec Shand could’ve asked about Slave I and Boba Fett could’ve said “No, I’m not about that name anymore” and have a quick moment to usher in the new name and mindset. Regardless, we’re just glad the seismic charges are back! Sure, it would’ve been cooler to go above the Sarlacc Pit and drop in the seismic charge instead of clumsily drop it in self defense, but it was awesome seeing him mow down the speeder gang like the notorious bounty hunter would.

Hot Takes

  • They should call it Slave I, not the Firespray!

  • Black Krrsantan should’ve ripped off both arms.

  • Crimson Dawn is the actual enemy, not the Pykes.

  • This show is better than the first season of The Mandalorian.

“We got more bantha time.” - Christian

The technical aspects of this episode were also of special note. Amanda mentioned how great the costumes and practical effects were. Boba Fett’s previous scars and then his transformation from healing in the bacta tank really shows us his restored strength. Fennec Shand’s cool braid, modded stomach, and sick armor make us love her more. The Twi'lek, Garsa Fwip, is gorgeous once again (even though Charley thinks her head-dress costume was on crookedly). The Mod Artist and his interchanging limb tools included the B2 Battle droid arm, which was cool to see. And we get a closer look at banthas and their behavior. In the words of Boba Fett, “Go on and make bantha babies!”

“This so far has been the best episode.” - Charley

Even though Chapter 4 (72%) may not technically have our best score with Chapter 1 at 73.2%, it’s certainly been the most enjoyable and helpful for the story thus far. Seeds have been planted throughout the first three chapters, and now we’re seeing the fruit of them connecting the dots. This chapter also gave us a lot of fanservice with easter eggs (chiefly, the Firespray - Slave I’s appearance), without overdoing it. It was a transition episode, bridging the slow flashbacks to the coming storm. There’s also a bigger discussion at play for the bounty hunters as the game has changed. Boba Fett wants to be the employer, not the employee anymore. He understands the value of a good community (or tribe). He’s gathering his team for the upcoming war. And we’re ready for it!

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