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The Bad Batch S1E11: Devil's Deal

While I was not present during this week’s discussion (my score is still factored into the official rank), the rest of the gang kept it interesting with our ranking of The Bad Batch Season 1 Episode 11: Devil’s Deal. Was Howzer’s inhibitor chip inactive or was it not as sophisticated inside the first generation of clones? Does Crosshair’s failed kill shot diminish him as a sharpshooter? We touch on these and more related to this side quest of the series.

“I don’t think I knew that Chopper was Hera’s own droid. The fact that they have that tight-knit relationship is really cool to see.” - Amanda

Since this episode is really part one of two taking place on Ryloth, we got to examine the role of Hera within the Star Wars universe. Even though the Bad Batch had almost nothing to do with this episode, it was nice to see Ryloth and to follow a beloved character’s perseverance against the Empire. The top two categories were the Technical Aspects (53.2%) and the Story (52.4%). Again, we had great shots of the Twi’lek population and beautiful colors within their diverse crowd. Devil’s Deal looks like a high budget feature with the various locations and times of day peppered throughout.

“It was a beautiful episode to look at.” - Tim

Even though the story wasn’t strong for the series overall, it was still more enjoyable than the majority of the episodes giving the Batchers more screen time. It helps seeing Hera, a top notch character already with a history of screen time. Though, her accent was more distracting than desirable. We understand it’s her native tongue, and it came out a little bit in Rebels, but it seems like a stretch to give her this accent and then do away with it for four seasons of Rebels. It was also cool to see Hera and Omega at similar stages in life both in age and in dilemma. This story examined some more political themes, but mainly explored the question of how much are we willing to sacrifice for peace. Indeed a great question to ask.

“What’s wrong with it? It’s in the wrong show!” - Tim

The weaker points of this episode were the Immersive Universe (51.6%), Characters (49.6%), and the Music (46%). It’s always great seeing different worlds, but the events of Ryloth seem inconsequential for the story centered around Clone Force 99. This goes along the same line of thought for characters. However, we enjoyed Hera’s theme and how similar it sounded to Leia’s, but other than that the music wasn’t terribly moving or notable. With such a departure from the main story, we can’t rank a slightly more entertaining episode that much higher even though it’s within the universe we all so dearly love.

Hot Takes:

  • Hera is a top ten Star Wars character of all time.

  • I like Chopper more than R2-D2.

  • BB-8 is better than R2-D2.

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